Comprehensive Product Range

Elka Elastic comes in all grain sizes of the FEPA (European Federation of the Producers of Abrasives) standard, from 16 to 1000 in the following qualities

l 10 C green silicon carbide
l 10 A brown aluminium oxide
l 30 A high purity white aluminium oxide

The hardness of Elka Elastic products ranges from 30 Shore A to 80 Shore D.

The maximum permissible speed lies between 10m/sec and 50m/sec, depending on the hardness of the Elka Elastic wheel.

Our comprehensive product range can thus handle almost all grinding and polishing tasks – we meet special requirements with customised solutions.

Take advantage of our know-how and consultation services ‒ we will solve your particular challenge.

Types / Bonds

Type E100


Open-pored, highly elastic synthetic foam 


  • Structuring: stainless steel sheets
  • Deburring: shafts, control pistons
  • Rounding: cemented carbides
  • Levelling: welded seams
  • Polishing: extruder screws, cylinders
  • Descaling: threaded spindles, piston rods

Type E200


  • Compact, notch-resistant elastic synthetic material


  • Deburring: cemented carbides, sheet metal, gears
  • Dressing: plastic composites (skis)
  • Polishing: surgical instruments
  • Finishing: precision engineered parts, threaded spindles
  • Cleaning: rolling

Type E400


  • Synthetic bond with hard-elastic properties


  • Deburring: cemented carbides, sheet metal, gears
  • Polishing: surgical instruments, ski edges
  • Finishing: bearings, shafts, valve elements
  • Ultrafine finishing: piston rods, cylinders, rolling elements, hard chromium
  • Structuring: Stammkörper
  • Sharpening: Circular saw blades, bandsaw blades (stellite cemented carbide)

Type E410


  • Synthetic bond with hard, non-elastic properties


  • Abrasive grinding: tungsten, aluminium alloys, alloys up to HRC60, composites
  • Polishing: aluminium cylinders, surgical instruments
  • Finishing: precision-engineered parts, control pistons (burr formation negligible)